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Lithium battery processing project

VALORCAR is promoting a R&D project on the dismantling of Lithium battery waste from hybrid and electric vehicles, aiming at separating and recycling its materials.

This initiative involves an industrial scale processing of almost twenty batteries, from different makers and models, in two VALORCAR NETWORK centers: Ambigroup Reciclagem and Palmiresíduos. 3Drivers, Instituto Superior Técnico and the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology are responsible for coordinating and monitoring the work.

The project includes the following activities: separation of battery components (such as boxes, electronic circuits, modules and cells), crushing the modules and analyzing the composition of materials present inside the cells, also known as “black mass”.

The main goal is to assess the technical-economic feasibility of treating this waste in Portugal and define the model for its development and implementation in the VALORCAR NETWORK.